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    The ‘Mediterranean’ nose collects a number of features typical of people living around the Mediterranean basin. This wide term includes Roman, French, Greek and North African types of nose.

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    Patients wanting a nose job often have had some sort of injury to their nose that has caused some twisting or bending. External deviations of this type are usually accompanied by corresponding bends in the nasal septum inside the nose.Such individuals complain of a blocked nose and headaches and may snore at night.

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    Nasal injury is a common emergency seen by Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons, and is seen in fights, sports trauma and falls.

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    Some deformities are difficult to correct, or compromises have to be made during surgery in order to retain the structural integrity of the nose. A common problem in Mediterranean noses is the thickness of the skin envelope which tends to minimize the work done on the nasal skeleton. For this reason patients may not obtain the degree of change that they wish.

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    What is a Rhinoplasty?

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