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    Cosmetic Surgery

    ENT surgeons (or Otolaryngologists) have long been involved in facial cosmetic surgery. The nose is a central feature of the face and its modification is known as rhinoplasty. 

    Pinnaplasty or correction of prominent ears has also featured high on the ENT surgeon’s list of cosmetic procedures. Blepharoplasty, or the correction of drooping or excessive skin above the eyes or removal of the bags beneath lower eyelids to remove that ‘tired’ look also forms part of facial rejuvenation as do the injection of fillers or botox to smooth out facial wrinkes.

    Patients usually come for advice about facial cosmetic surgery after several years of soul searching. They just do not like the person in the mirror. Many would have kept their feelings hidden from their family members and often feel self conscious and over-sensitive about comments directed at their appearance. They often feel guilty because they cannot be happy with themselves and at the same time feel that others consider their desire for cosmetic change as frivolous and low down in the priorities of family life. Indeed, other family members who take for granted the patient’s appearance often show surprise or lack of understanding to this individual since they have accepted that person as he/she was and expect him/her to continue being exactly the same person. 

    The consultation
    A frank discussion with the surgeon should take place where there is good communication and where the patient is as clear as possible on what is bothering him/her. Most individuals would be happy with removing or improving most of the features that are bothering them but surgeons are very wary of those with excessive demands who can never be satisfied. A ‘natural’ look is very important in Southern Europe and people do not want to look ‘operated’.

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